October 16, 2013

Thoughts on Markets During This Political Event

With all the talk of a possible currency semi-crisis from a default I really don't see any markets taking that threat seriously. The US dollar index is still pretty far from its two year lows. This even considering all the quantitative easing that has been going on since those lows. The news media of course blows any movement in the major indices like the Dow Jones out of proportion. It really hasn't been that volatile. 100 point swings! Ohh my! Today saw one of the bigger spikes in the VIX up about 16%.

There are still a lot of stocks in play out there hitting some highs. Something entertaining happened the first week of October. A lot of people thought Twitter's IPO ticker symbol was TWTRQ. TWTRQ in fact was a pink sheet company called Tweeter Home Entertainment. The stock ran up 1,000% on huge volume.

I've noticed a lot Chinese stocks are in play lately. This company called Vision China Media is up so much here. To much I think. It's going supernova now and I believe there is going to be a lot to short once it starts to break a previous days low of the day.

Disclosure: No position in VISN, long TVIX