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November 25, 2022

I-Robot IRBT Merger Arbitrage

As it still stands I-Robot (IRBT) is being acquired by Amazon (AMZN) for $61 per share in an all cash deal. The announcement was back in early August of this year. I-Robot stockholders have officially approved the merger with Amazon.

To analyze the opportunity here let's begin with the deal itself. All cash deals always have a higher likelyhood of going through and this one is approved by shareholders. So we have one checkbox marked off. Next is the spread worth it? With IRBT stock currently at $52.57 a share and the deal price being $61 we currently have a whopping 16% return. The next hurdle is the possiblity of regulatory action denying the merger. There is a lot of speculation this deal won't make it past regulatory approval. I remember when there was a lot of speculation on the Fitbit merger being blocked as well and it ended up going through anyway.

I think it is worth averaging into IRBT stock in small increments over coming weeks. The stock is down a lot and could just rise with the overall market even it doesn't get bought. So, I see the risk/reward being nice here. Artificial intelligence is forecast to be one the fastest growing markets over coming years. With the likelyhood of significant innovation IRBT will no doubt be a great company going forward.
irbt chart

August 14, 2020

FIT Merger Arbitrage

 FIT is getting bought out for $7.35 a share cash. It's currently in the $6.30s. That is a 15% spread. There is some uncertainty regarding it going through. It seems to be mostly concern in Europe I have been reading. I think the risk reward is there especially if it goes to a 20% return or more. I bought a little around here.

April 7, 2014

Going Private Transaction Shanda Games GAME

Back in January Shanda Games GAME announced a proposal of a going private transaction valued at $6.90 a share. The stock is currently at only $6.50 a share based off of Fridays close. This is about a 6% spread. I did some quick reading on this as I was unable to actually pull up the filing outlining it. The most official info I could pull up was that old press release. As far as I know this is still likely to get approved and become a done deal. I don't see how it wouldn't when "As of January 27, 2014, the Consortium members beneficially owned, in the aggregate, approximately 76.2% of the Company's outstanding shares" according to their press release. The only key thing I'm missing here is the limit on the number of shares one can hold.

August 15, 2009

Special Situation Stock

I just stumbled upon this special situation Zareba Systems ZRBA. Looks like they are doing a reverse split and will cash out shareholders who hold fewer than 250 shares for $5.20. The stock closed at $3.60 Friday.

I just found this over at Mike Goode's ReaperTrades.com

full disclosure:No position. May take a position in future.

July 6, 2009

Net Cash Stock MATH Special Situation

Thanks to a reader who left a comment on MathStar MATH in the last post. They look poised to liquidate for $1.25-1.40 a share. Tiberius Capital just upped the offer to $1.25 a share this morning. It's 7:58 am EST right now. Stock closed at $1.18 Friday. I just found a couple more net cash potentials one seemed to be in the liquidation process. I'll post them up later.

full disclosure: no position at time of writing