January 12, 2010

Former Net-Net Stock MSON Soaring

I just noticed former ncav MSON in a technical scan that I initially noticed at the beginning of 2009 is in play on new distribution news. Right now it is a little over net current asset value and I don't know their story here other than there was huge volume recently on this news. As the stock showed in April it can run straight up a ton fast.

I think it might consolidate right around $3.00 around this black resistance at 3.00. This news might give it the potential for a richer valuation of course and more follow through. It's pretty thin and usually doesn't trade that many shares a day.

click for larger image

full disclosure:no position

January 11, 2010

Investimonials.com Financial Reviews

My site is up for review on Investimonials now. Investimonials is a new site for honest user reviews on anything financial from books, brokers to blogs. There's not a lot of transparency in the finance niche and I think this site might have some promise for providing it to newbies.

If you want to take a minute review my blog here

I haven't been posting in this blog as much lately because I am posting my trading stuff on DynamiteStocks.com now. I'm still going to blog about fundamentals and macro stuff on Stock Pursuit like I have been recently. It just won't be every week and that often but rather when I feel like blogging on something like I did on the Buffett Burlington purchase. Google webmaster was showing that post got linked to from the Huffington Post and a Buffett focused blog.

Also, if the market has a serious correction(probably won't happen to soon) I'll throw up some of my net-net ideas here.

Upcoming Post
I'm thinking about a macro play on commodities. More specifically, a play on exporting commodities from the United States. I'm going to do a blog post here on that shortly and will lay out my thesis and brainstorm some of the ways to play it.