May 1, 2010

Deep Value Golf Stock

Adams Golf ADGF this little golf club manufacturer that I've talked about a lot in the past has been bottoming out over the past several months and just recently reported their quarter. Revenue was slightly down but EPS was up huge from $.05 to $.21 year over year. They gained some market share in the US.

Net current asset value is $29 million. The market cap is currently right below at the moment at $27 million. So it is in net current asset value territory still at the moment. I bought some the other day at $4.15.

Just recently broke out of a long trading range and had strong unusual volume.

full disclosure:long ADGF

April 26, 2010

Who's Been Buying This Runaway Stock Market?

The stock market keeps rallying but who is buying? Charles Biderman says the pension funds and flows into mutual funds aren't responsible. He says the amount of capital that could drive this type of rally seems to be coming from somewhere else and a lot of it is after market hours in the futures markets. I have no idea if his numbers are even accurate but I found this interview on Bloomberg he did a couple months back interesting.

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April 14, 2010

Baby Boomer Resort Stock

Silver Leaf Resorts is in the business of getaway and destination timeshare resorts in the United States. They cater to short vacations and tourists. This is one of those stocks that bottomed in December 2009 and not in March 2010. I really wish I had payed it more attention early this year. It's one of those deep value land plays.

Asset Valuation
I was fairly surprised at how cheap it appears on an asset level. There is $176.319 million in net tangible assets and as of March 8, 2010 38,140,043 shares outstanding. This gives us a $51.87 million market cap against that $176.31 million in net tangible assets or a 29% discount to NTAV.

I crunched net tangible asset value per share at $4.62 per share and the stock is only at $1.36 as of the close today.

It has technically just broken out of a trading range but has a lot of resistance around the 1.50 area. I think this cheap stock goes higher over the next few days and tests that 1.50 at the least and probably will continue higher from there.

full disclosure:no position at time of writing however I may go long (buy) the stock this week.

March 13, 2010

Silver Mining Penny Stocks List

Silver Stocks list

Timberline Resources (TLR) is into mining for gold, silver, zinc, and copper deposits. They've had some impressive revenue growth over the past 3 years. However no net income yet annually. Last quarter was net income positive though year over year with a profit of $241,061. Technically, right now it is still along the trend line and at the end of a triangle consolidation.

Kimber Resources (KBX) announced a new mineral resource estimate that has significant tonnage of high grade gold-silver mineral resources with excellent metallurgical recoveries. This stock ran from .60s to 1.31 currently and still might have some momentum. It has resistance however that must be dealt with in the 1.50 area.

Mines Management Inc. (MGN) is primarily a silver mining company. The technicals look a little better now that it is trying to break out of this trading range.

Endeavour Silver (EXK) so far has seen its stock price pretty correlated to the price of silver. Out of all the silver mining penny stocks it appears pretty correlated here.

Silver Stocks to Watch
The iShares Silver Trust (SLV) is a very liquid vehicle and a conservative way for making an investment in silver online in the stock market.

The silver vs gold chart shows that gold is up just over 30% this year but silver is up over 60%. Gold has gone practically parabolic currently. Is silver overbought currently? Tough to say but technically it doesn't appear so. I think these are some silver penny stocks to watch for potential upside. In the event of a hypothetical crisis I believe silver historically has outperformed gold by a wide margin.

full disclosure:no positions

March 3, 2010

Deep Value NCAV Penny Stocks

I found a few interesting stocks below net current asset value the other day. A couple of these I know from the past as being volatile. In other words they just didn't trade super thin for months and years, rather, they have been scooped up by institutions before.

Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co.(QXM) does handsets in China and is really beaten down here. I found it off a screen and when trying to double check to make sure it is sub NCAV if that's a major criteria for you. I didn't see a recent filing on the SEC website and don't want to put a whole lot of time into DD so do your own DD in this regard.

Infosonics Corp. is an old favorite because I made 20% on it last year over a few days and got out near the top. They distribute wireless handsets in Central and South America and distributes high-end products under the Verykool brand name. Off the balance sheet there is $25 mil in NCAV and a $16 mil market cap.

I just got filled finally today on this one at $1.13 and am long.

Seanergy Maritime Holdings SHIP

This is a dry bulk shipper and is beaten down but the technicals indicate it might be bottoming short term.

EF Johnson Technologies EFJI

I really nailed this one awhile back and called the top later on it too.

Unfortunately I don't think I bought it. But, anyway it is back below NCAV of $38 million. It might be bottoming out here. If I play it I might pick it up at mid $.90s so I have a clear stop loss on the breakdown signal.

clean technical bottom so far

full disclosure: long IFON for a trade