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November 21, 2023

EV Charging Stocks Short Thesis

I've been looking at a lot of potential sectors and stocks for short opportunities the past few months. I've been trading in and out of EV charging companies put options on stocks like Chargepoint CHPT, Blink BLNK and EVgo EVGO. The big picture on it is the EV market sentiment has readjusted to reality and peak EV hype is down now.

Another major factor is Tesla has a position in the EV charging space with their own charging stations and continue to get more major car manufacturers to sign on. This I believe was a big blow to these much smaller EV charging stocks that I mentioned. I don't see how these companies will compete with Tesla chargers if Tesla decides to try and corner the market. The stock prices continue to fall monthly making equity raises less and less helpful. Evgo EVGO was able to raise some capital recently. The cash burn is significant with them and BLNK. I recently added more BLNK puts and now have put options of various strikes as far out as January 21st.

The cracks are now starting to emerge in the industry as Chargepoint's CHPT CEO and CFO both announced their resignation on the same day as revenue forecast was slashed! Here is an article. Apparently, Chargepoint is "the leader" in this space which is sure something telling.

I got this graph from another account on Twitter that highlights cash burn at Chargepoint and EVgo. The recent overall stock market rally has caused minor rallies in BLNK and EVGO stocks that I see as better prices for long dated puts. There has been a turn in the press and I'm seeing negative press on these chargers. The Wallstreet Journal had an article a week ago on how the stations are not working.


Disclosure: I am long put options in CHPT BLNK EVGO and will continue to add more.

August 20, 2023

Defensive Opportunities In A Continued Risk Off Quarter

I continue to see a risk off environment in equities that has spilled over to emerging markets. The consensus from American conglomerates on China demand and now Chinese data itself is pointing to significant economic contraction in China. The markets in Turkey (TUR), Vietnam (VNM) are holding strong. Vietnam continues to be my favorite opportunity in emerging markets over the long-term.

Last week Bitcoin saw increased selling and volatility. This just adds to the risk off sentiment as Bitcoin, one of the best performing assets this year is joining in on the selling. Below is the breakdown of the trend support currently in the works on Bitcoin. I alerted on the recent top for Bitcoin here on the blog in early 2022.

In light of this overall market weakness I see opportunity in pharmaceuticals with ETF's like VanEck Pharmaceutical ETF (PPH) and I-Shares Pharma ETF (IHE). The ETF's have recently broken out to new 52 week highs and shown relative strength in the market. I'm particularly bullish on the sector because breakthroughs in AI machine learning should improve drug development costs and increase speed of discovery and research.

I've done extensive research on the newest AI via large LLM's(large language models) and the promise of smaller ones. Drugs and biotech are some of the industries they will transform initially. They are the perfect fit for industries where scanning large language databases is key and processing large amounts of data is needed.

The pharma ETF PPH is coming up on a key support level.

Merger Arb Opportunities

There are opportunites in merger arbitrage with Spirit Airlines (SAVE) and I-Robot (IRBT). Spirit is trying to get an all cash deal done with Jetblue for $33.50 a share. Amazon has been in the works and shareholder approved to buy I-Robot for all cash or $51 a share too.

Oil and Gas Energy

Apart from pharma I have seen relative strength in energy stocks. I have particularly been looking at oil and gas stocks as natural gas has pretty much been written off. I'm not particularly bullish on natural gas but the contrarian trade now is nat gas as harsh winter weather is likely not priced in. The best gas ETF is US 12 month Fund (UNL) at it holds long dated contracts and thus has less decay than ETF (UNG). Nobody is bullish on natural gas prices as the technicals have shown a bottom formation forming.

Some of the energy stocks I added to my watchlists were VAALCO (EGY),Helix Energy (HLX), Nextier Oilfield (NEX), KLX Energy (KLXE).

Solar Weakness Continues

Another industry that caught my attention was Solar. It caught my attention as a short opportunity as the weakness in solar continues as evidenced by the Invesco ETF (TAN). I noticed short selling technical setups in stocks like JKS and MAXN too.

I'm bullish on the prospects of breakthrough technology like quantum computing with the help of AI. The quantum computer ETF is Defiance Quantum ETF (QTUM). I also particulary like the quantum computing stock Rigetti Computing (RGTI) as they have one on the cloud.

I continue to believe the investment of our lifetimes going forward will be in artificial intelligence. The best plays on this are the actively managed Roundhill ETF (CHAT) and long established Global X AI ETF (BOTZ) and Robo Global ETF (ROBO).

One good speculative investment opportunity I saw was in the Nigeria country specific Nigeria ETF (NGE). Nigeria NGE has a trailing twelve month 16% dividend yield. 0.83% expense ratio. Politics might be a partial driver of the 28% YTD performance of Nigerian stocks.

"The Tinubu admin also formed a committee on fiscal policy and tax reforms headed by Taiwo Oyedele, signalling the possibility of critical tax reforms"... " Banking and oil gas stocks have been very strong drivers of market performance. Oil and Gas stocks have been on the rise since they took out fuel subsidy from the sector. Added with banking, they are the top two sectors.”

On specific stocks on the long side I see a buy setup in Payments Holdings (PAY) as it saw large buying volume after earnings and is consolidating in a flag now. It needs to hit 14.05 for a long trade. The company has strong revenue and earnings growth. They recently revised quarterly earnings forecasts to the upside. Next years earnings guidance has been raised to $.24 EPS vs previous $.14.

Full disclosure: I have been actively trading the PPH ETF, RGTI. I have puts on JKS, long BOTZ, CHAT. May long NGE in future.

September 4, 2022

Long and Shorts Continue To Work

It sure has been awhile since I posted here. I've been busy with daytrading full-time. I continue to be amazed at how many long biased traders there are along with stocks running up staggering amounts. This past week we saw the IPO frenzy long and short. I've been shorting IPOS like FRZA and longing bounces on ones like PXMD. There is never a lack of opportunity long or short in this market. It's such a bullish market at times stocks with high short interest and 30% of the float short or more have been squeezing. Stocks like APRN FAZE VERU. FAZE might just run again. You can also find easy opportunity on the short side shorting multi-day breakdowns on stocks like PETQ YSG. There are crazy supernovas to short like NERV recently as well. I recently started using Tradersync.com to track and analyze my trades. I have found a lot of success trading Crude Oil long and short with options and stock via USO. It trades well off technicals in trends.

I recommend Tradersync if you are investing even as it tracks your performance. The other popular one is Tradervue. You can just save your trades from your broker with a couple clicks and upload directly to Tradersync or Tradervue.

On the long side CLAR stock dropped over 40% on no news or catalyst. Management came out with a statement that they intend to buy back stock. I see some rotation into fertilizer plays like LXU CF BIOX now. I like the fundamentals on NU going forward. Looks like they will grow earnings very well.

February 16, 2019

Long Opportunities Keep Working

I've been posting most of my entries and exits on Twitter lately. I have a lot of core positions I have had for months and years. Some of my favorite stocks with great fundamentals I hold include Planet Fitness (PLNT) which I am up 197% since buying at the IPO. I sold most of my shares of it pretty recently to protect profits. I intend to keep holding my remaining shares for a long-time. One of my new favorites I've been holding awhile is Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) which is a cannabis/marijuana REIT. Not only does it have a great dividend being a REIT but it is also performing exceptionally well this year. I also have held Canopy (CGC) and Aphria (APHA). I'm down on Aphria with a $15 cost basis. I recently took a trade in gold with UGL. Bought MITK, APPS, BBBY and CDE. Took a loss on QNST. These are just some of the stocks I hold and have been trading.

November 7, 2016

The Stock Market Amid Elections

The major US equity markets have been consolidating for days going into this past weekend. Today, November 7th we are seeing a surge in high beta names and corporate bonds. I strongly believe this is a clear signal that this recent downturn was simply a bull flag. It's not to late to back up the truck long equities for the rest of the year. I especially like financials via the etf (XLF) and the biotech sector with (IBB). Financials are breaking out here. Biotech has just put in a confirmed pipe bottom formation near multi-year support. I see confirmation of follow through in equities in looking at high yield corporate bonds. They gaped up big in the morning. A Hillary Clinton or Trump presidency will be pro banks and financials.

full disclosure: long UYG and BIB the double long XLF and IBB etfs

September 29, 2016

PSG Ripe for a Short

This company Performance Sports Group ticker PSG has run up 100% in less than 30 days from $1 and change to $4.00 a share. It appears the main driver of this huge run is that it is in such a poor financial position it got an extension on a loan agreement. This is from another article,

Shares of Performance Sports Group (PSG) were surging 29.44% to $2.33 on heavy trading volume late Friday morning as the sports equipment maker nears a deal to receive a 60-day extension to meet its loan covenants, sources told the New York Post. If the Exeter, NH-based company fails to reach such a deal, it will reportedly default on August 29 and consequently become vulnerable to creditor action. Certain creditors hope to swap their debt for equity and assume control of the business, the Post reports.

A quick peek reveals it doesn't seem to be going well financially for the company. I ask myself is a move from $1.80 to $4 logical given what I see here. I think this run-up is overdone. Technically, it has printed a couple doji candles back to back and the last two trading days have been red. It looks ready to roll over if $3.88 fails to hold. I have a stop order to short sell PSG at $3.87.

September 2, 2016

Short Setup On NTP

Recently, I came across a familiar chart pattern in the stock NTP. It shows a long period of normal, light daily trading volume. We can see roughly two weeks ago the stock surged much higher on unusual volume. The unusual volume continued everyday as the stock continued to run. The daily candle's representing each trading day became shorter the past few days. These are doji candles. Doji candles indicate uncertainty and often are the beginning of a trend reversal. In the case of NTP this reversal could be down. This kind of enormous unusual buy volume always gets exhausted. It can't keep up for weeks. This stock looks overbought. I see it going lower in the short-term.

Initially, I only noticed the chart but digging deeper into the company I discovered this is a Chinese company. There was some news before the move up about a share buyback. I couldn't find any other substantive news on the stock around the beginning of the run.

Full Disclosure: I have a short position in NTP

June 27, 2016

Market Direction

I'm not worried about Europe impacting US growth significantly. That being said I see a very good chance of another down range day on the US indices today Monday the 27th. There could easily be a mini crash. By mini crash I mean at the least enough of a percentage move to trigger circuit breakers. Such a surge in the VIX and a wide ranging day on the major indices like Friday usually produces some follow through. Especially in todays market with all the bots and high frequency trading.

If there is any bubble big enough to produce a sustainable crash it would probably have to be in an industry that represents a large share of GDP. The top industry as a share of GDP in 2015 was finance, realestate and insurance at around 20% of GDP. In 2006,2007 this sector was around 30% of GDP before the housing crash. I don't see any real "bubble" in any particular major sector. That's not to say there can't be a recession. There's nothing wrong with a recession. The stock market has been around resistance for awhile now and this could end up being the move that will drive it down for a short term correction at the least. I've been long Smith and Wesson SWHC which has turned out to be a great long for the week or so I've been holding. It was up Friday and is up even more pre-market over $26 from my mid $23 entry. I'm hedged with QID and want to trade any crash today with orders out to long YANG and FAZ.

March 21, 2016

37% Gain On Jones Soda JSDA!

I posted right after my exit of Jones Soda JSDA on DynamiteStocks.com. So I thought I would post here since I originally mentioned JSDA on this blog. I went long JSDA at $.53 right after my intial post and sold the other day at $.73 for a +37% gainer.

September 10, 2015

Video Blog #2

This is my second video blog ever. The first one I posted on my other blog . I was looking for a good desktop recording software and ran across this one called HyperCam. I'm still working out some bugs with the audio to video sync. I forgot to mention the rounding top that Under Armor has. In the video I discuss my UA short and look at crude oil and natural gas. Which way will crude go from here? Watch and find out.

September 7, 2015

Under Armour UA Overvalued

We all knew Netflix NFLX was overvalued with a PE multiple of a whopping 200. It's been taking a beating in the recent downturn. I'd like to propose Under Armour UA as overvalued. It's a great company and leader in its industry just like Netflix but the valuation is still to rich. Under Armour currently trades at 88 times earnings. It also trades for 6 times sales. Earnings are expected to grow roughly 24% a year going forward. With a PE of 88 and at 6 times sales perfection is "baked in" to the companies future performance. There is a lot of market cap that could quickly get trimmed on a bad quarter or future guidance. Or how about a market correction! This looks like a correction and an industry leader like Under Armour could get sold off like a Netflix or Apple. I see it happening here in the charts. Let's look at a 6 month chart of Under Armour below.

See the red line that is forming a round top? A rounding top is a bearish top formation. Some people call it a head and shoulders. Under Armour is a high beta stock and this chart is essentially mimicking the major indices. So yeah we are very close to confirmation of a top in the market. What is does after the pennant bear flag below is key. It looks to me that with the shooting star candles on UA we are going lower next. I am short some Under Armour at 94.52. I successfully shorted Netflix the other day at 116 and covered at 110. I cataloged that trade on my trading blog .

April 7, 2015

I'm Putting Trading Watchlists On The Other Blog

I have this other domain DynamiteStocks.com that I've held onto for awhile. Years back I used to put trading watchlists on it. I'm going to start doing that again. I just posted one up for trading day 4/7/2015. This blog will continue to be deep value focused and anything else I feel like talking about.
I've been very accurate lately with short set-ups and trading crude oil and natural gas ETF's. So I'll definitely post those if anything. Oil is to choppy for me here. To range bound. I've had success trading the breakouts and breakdowns. No doubt the energy and commodities sectors are moving off of the dollar here. It looks like the dollar is going to continue to breakdown. We will see.

March 6, 2015

Healthcare, Dollar and More

The US dollar continues to rise as expected and biotech is still incredibly hot. No it is blazing hot. ZIOP from my biotech stocks list in late January is almost a double already. IBB just broke out again and it looks like more highs in a lot of these stocks is in store. I just added some to my trading watchlist for Friday the 6th. On another note my long-term positions haven't changed much. From top to bottom in percentage I'm long FSEAX Asian Emerging Markets Fund as my largest holding, second largest is PFN Pimco Income Strategy Bonds, third is UUP US Dollar Long ETF, Fourth is USL Oil ETF 12mo, fifth is PKD Parker Drilling, and last is KEG Key Energy Services. EDIT Also long LOJN LoJack and silver. Recently I added some more to the UUP long dollar position. I'm very underweight in the two oil stocks. I like all these holdings for the long-term. I may not hold them all for years though. I'm not totally happy. I really need some more diversified US exposure. I might go with a Nasdaq index ETF and Russell 2000 index ETF here soon.

The trading watchlist for Friday the 6th is LAS AXN CYTX ABTL TTI CYTK ATXH. The only short bias is ABTL. My favorite on this list is LAS. If it starts moving it very well could hit 1.50 in a couple weeks based on how it has moved in the past. With the size of the volume here on LAS I see it moving. Back in 2009 or 2010 I remember it had day after day runs of 10-30%. AXN is only good if it breaks over 1.14. If it doesn't it looks dead. All of these are speculative day trade watches.

March 1, 2015

Loss on EXEL Trade

Friday I had EXEL along with a bunch of other stocks on my watchlist. EXEL was a bull flag continuation breakout setup. 2.99 was the high of the previous run day and was the resistance level I was looking for a break of to get long. It came and printed 3.00 on decent volume. So I got long and filled at 3.00. EXEL immediately failed to hold that 3.00 and fell off the highs and slowly declined. I'm thinking it is just consolidating and the uptrend over 3.00 will start any time soon. The market makers were pretty crafty on EXEL Friday and the 3.00 was the failed breakout. I finally realized I am probably wrong on the breakout today and cut my loss at 2.88. I actually put the order in trying to get 2.91 but with the market order I got a lesser fill. When a stock is moving fast I will always use a market order especially on the entry. I would rather catch a big run with a less than favorable fill than miss the whole damn thing with a limit order. It was not a superior setup to take from the beginning because based on its past runs 3.15 - 3.20 would be the most it would go anytime soon. The risk reward wasn't really there. I also waited a bit to long to cut the loss after the 3.00 didn't hold. I think based on the setups risk reward the position was a bit oversized for me. This one is looking like a good short candidate since the 3.00 breakout failed. I put up a new post on the 27th about the direction of the USD.

February 27, 2015

Crude Oil Trade

Crude oil has been forming a trading range lately with support being particularly defined. With a steady decline right onto support I saw an opportunity to get long. Getting long right on support gave me a clear area for a mental stop loss. Not only that but the upside potential conservatively was the top of the trading range at resistance. I drew up the trading range below.

The stock I used was UCO the double long crude oil ETF. The chart of USO and CL are very similar. I bought UCO at 8.07 on the 24th of February and tweeted it on Twitter. The doji candlestick it printed on the 23rd pretty much confirmed my area of support. It just hung out and declined a little around support after I bought it. I was fine with that as all that mattered was the action off support.

The next day oil ramped up big and UCO hit an intraday high of 8.57. Along the way I sold about 3/4ths of the position at $8.28 locking in the gain. Expecting more run days I held the rest overnight. I set a sell stop loss at 8.15 and the next day stopped out of the rest of the shares at $8.15 for a slight gain. Scaling out the way I did in tranches selling 3/4ths of the position with the gain really made this trade work for me. I missed the top but caught a good gain which I'm happy with. This especially since my thesis of a run to resistance is proving wrong so far.

We'll have to see what happens with oil over the next 24-48 hours to get an idea of direction. It very well may continue higher or we could crash below support. If there is a gap down below support oil will definitely be testing the lows of the winter.

February 18, 2015

CRIS Short Daytrade

I was following CRIS with a short bias for the past couple days. It went from $1.20 to $3.00 in about a month. It had about eight straight days of positive gains with no red days heading into today. Yesterday it looked like the buying volume had finally exhausted itself. Without any consolidation these runaway stocks like CRIS usually end up crashing pretty hard and fast.

The breakdown finally came this morning. I posted this trade on my Twitter. Looking at the intraday chart below you can see that $3.50 became resistance three times. Dollar marks and $.50 marks are often important technical levels on stocks under $10 a share. The $3.50 was tested and never broken this morning. As soon as I saw the stock go red on the day (negative) and the support of $3.30 from yesterday taken out I wanted to get short quick. The big sell volume was great too. Ideally I was looking for a pullback to the $3.40s to short. That was incase the trade went against me and the $3.50s were taken out. So I had a mental stop loss of $3.51. It actually came back up for a bit but I filled at $3.31 short.

I was confident and happy with this as more downside was evident from the stuff I just mentioned. CRIS continued to plunge as you see on the chart. I covered at $3.19 taking $.12 a share in gains. I took the quick gain because these biotech stocks can be quirky when it comes to holding losses. Just when you think the run is over and the stock is doomed they run again and again. It went on to a low around $3.00 and made a wild recovery into the close. I still say short bias on this one but like I was saying bio's are tricky sometimes. I won't be scalping this particular stock again soon.

February 11, 2015

How I Got Started In The Stock Market

How I Got Started and How I Evolved
The year was 1996 and my mother told me my grandfather was giving my sister and I each $500 as an investment. He had to open the account in his name as I was only 15 at the time. He took me on the appointment to set up this investment account. We drove downtown to meet his stock broker in one of the city's few skyscrapers. The office suite was like one of those scenes from Oliver Stone's 1987 Wallstreet. We went to the stock brokers lush corner office and he and my grandfather talk a little. My grandfather emphasized he wants this to be "for the long-term." They talked a bit more and we were jettisoned to another office where his secretary took our information. My first stock broker has just split my $500 between two mutual funds. The first fund is called The Alliance Bierstein Technology fund and the second is the MFS Emerging Growth fund. Remember this is the mid 90s and the historic stock market gains from internet technology has barely even started. This is not a bad fund to be in at this time. Infact it couldn't have been a better industry.

My grandfather explained to me how I need to keep track of the ups and downs of these funds and you can check it in the newspaper. I didn't realize it at that time but what he was doing was teaching my sister and I a valuable lesson. The lesson was to start nvesting at an early age. I had little interest in these investments at that time. I guess he knew that didn't matter because simply being exposed was all that mattered. My parents sure would never have thought to teach me about investing. It might have even missed me my whole adult life.

Time passed. I checked the statements from time to time and my $500 turns into roughly $1000 in the bubble in 99' and 00.' I had taken some of this money out before this and eventually after the stock market crash of 2000 there wasn't much in the account. The question I asked is how did this happen? How did my broker let my account crash? I didn't know much of anything about stocks and investing but this was obviously a bad thing. So, I took it upon myself to learn some basics about mutual funds. I end up learning that all the stock broker did was pick a mutual fund on a best guess. Whoops! They were load mutual funds with high expense ratios. At this point I figure I can be a better investor than my stock broker. I have access to the same information on the internet and can see the same mutual funds in the newspaper. Little did I know then that brokers are salesmen. There is a fiduciary responsibility they uphold but they and their firm have to make money. 

The stock market has crashed and I'm getting interested in stock picking from reading all about it on the internet and seeing the ebbs and flows of stock and mutual fund prices in the daily newspapers. I'm reading great free beginner articles on this cool site called the Motley Fool. I spent hours and hours a week learning the basics of stocks and investing in companies. I'm learning everything about fundamental analysis on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Those Motley Fool articles and website taught me a lot. I started learning about these great stock pickers like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. I'm hooked. I buy my first investing book called Beating the Street by Peter Lynch.

In 2001 I bought my first individual stocks. My first stock investments are purely contrarian plays. I see Lucent Technologies and Kmart's stock prices hammered. I understood their businesses and figure these two companies are going to weather the storm and recover. Things got worse before they got better though. Both Lucent and Kmart enter into bankruptcy. My investments become virtually worthless. It turned out later my thesis was good because after Kmart came out of bankruptcy they listed their stock on a new exchange. Kmart's stock went on to be a huge success. Very huge. It was a multi-bagger. The stock went up over 100%. The only problem was I was still holding the worthless shares on the old exchange.

 I started reading books on Warren Buffett. I became a big student of his. I probably read five Buffett books. This led me to Ben Graham and Fisher. I never cared much for reading about Fisher. I definitely preferred Graham. I read Graham's Intelligent Investor a few times. Around this time I took a financial accounting class in college and a couple other business classes which helped cement my understanding of basic analysis. In 2002 I read one of the investing newsletters my grandfather gave me from time to time when I would go over to his place. One of the authors liked this company called Fortune Brands. This powerhouse conglomerate sold alcohol, golf, home and office equipment. The big brands were Jim Beam, Masterlock, Titleist and Swingline staplers. The stock had a low PE and obvious stable growth prospects. I held onto Fortune Brands for over 4 years and the stock did well. The 2006 real estate collapse really hurt their home products. They would eventually spinoff the office products and the liquor business got bought recently. Some other companies I held for long periods of time were International Game Tech and Stryker.

 I called myself a value investor and solely used fundamentals. I figured that was the only way to go. I picked some bad stocks like Movie Gallery and a value trap financial. With Movie Gallery I had a gain at one point that turned into a loss. I guess after some of these bad choices I realized crunching the fundamentals of a company wasn't good enough. When do you sell for a profit? When do you cut a loser? Most value investors have no idea of risk management or managing a position. There can be a level of arrogance in simple value investing. The other question I asked myself is what is good investing? Peter Lynch called it an art and a science. Well if something is as much art as science I'm sorry that is pseudoscience and not predictable. Trading in stock markets has to be moderately formulaic and predictability is important. A lot of reasoning for stock investments is "a story." The story is they did this in the past and this is happening in the future. What about economic externalities? Government intervention? Unforseen bad management? Basic contrarian investing is probably better than most peoples definition of value investing. I'm getting off on bit of a rant so I'll continue were I left off. It was 2007 and I had made what appeared to be great value investments in Movie Gallery and this deep asset value financial. Movie Galleries stock fell apart and the financial didn't move up or down for a year.

I kept scouring the internet looking for new information. In 2007 I came across this blog by Tim Sykes. Tim turned $12,000 into over $1 million by the time he was 21. He had run the top short-biased hedge fund in one of the years he ran the hedge fund. He had just started the blog before I found it and he was re-creating his success by trading a small account of less than $30,000 with the goal of turning it into $1 mil again. He was transparent and posting all of his winners and losers on his blog. He was mostly using technical analysis and was winning roughly 80-90% of his trades. That caught my attention. Before that I was sure technical analysis was worthless. All the mainstream media and investment industry chicanery pointed to investing as the best approach in stocks. Warren Buffett even wrote that paper The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville!!! And Tweedy Browne's What Has Worked in Investing! What's going on here??

Seeing technical analysis work before me quickly changed my mind. Through Syke's site I stumbled onto another traders site. This guy had a daytrading chatroom. His name was Muddy and his wife Laura traded with him everyday. Also in the chat were some other great traders like Greg Simmons. I started following the chatroom during market hours in the Spring of 2008 in college. They only traded volatile equities. I watched and these people were making money everyday. During the summer I started trading a very small account, got a data feed and decent enough software platform to daytrade. I was using a Tradeking and Zecco brokerage account and DTN IQ Feed run on Quote Tracker. 2008 was an incredible time to be a day trader. During the summer and fall the banks were collapsing along with the market and the VIX was sky high.

Muddy would scan every night for stocks with the highest day range. You type this into Stockfetcher.com "show stocks where the average day range(10) is above 7 percent and close price is between 1 and 10 and volume is above 300000." The top day rangers would be down 30% and up 20% everyday. Very high beta stuff. I would look at my watchlist of 30 stocks at the end of the day and literally all of them would be up or down atleast 10%.  A monkey could have traded those. I'll never forget those stocks like Newcastle NCT, Ambac Financial ABK, General Growth Properties GGP, GFI GFIG, Fortress Investment FIG. As soon as a dayranger went to a new low of the day or red on the day from the previous close it was easy to ride for a gain. The trick is waiting for the momentum. You simply buy when it is going green and short when red. Nine times out of ten if it went green on the day it would keep going green and red would continue red. Just this knowledge was enough for about anyone to trade successfully in late 2008.

Armed with the knowledge that technical analysis worked I read some books on it. I read Darvas' How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market and Schwager's Getting Started in Technical Analysis. I read some other basic technical analysis stuff on the internet. Learning from a 30 year veteran trader Muddy was the best thing that could have happened to me. He described his trading style as "like a caveman." I was now more of a trader than an investor. I started another blog on my domain DynamiteStocks.com where I just put up charts and watchlists. I kept StockPursuit.com going with the deep value theme and would find some pretty cool value stocks with good technicals. A lot of these reader reviews on my blog were from around that time. My main focus had shifted to trading but I never abandoned contrarian value investing. You can combine fundamentals and technicals but they are just different. Today I call myself a discretionary momentum trader who also does contrarian and value investing. With fundamental investing in stocks I always prefer small and micro-cap deep asset values.

After all that in 2012 I started a career in sales in financial services with a top 10 financial company. I had to shut down all of my blogs. I got my series 6, 63, life and health insurance licenses. I did that for just over a year. Before I had to shut this blog down I was averaging 50 unique page views a day and bringing in a part-time income from affiliate advertising. I was getting a lot of Google "juice" in the search engine results pages and using search engine optimization very effectively in the discount online brokers niche. My passion for trading and investing led me into a lot of other ventures like working at the financial company and online marketing. I've come a long way since the 1990s and am very excited about the future.

December 26, 2014

Net-Net PRLS Update and Metals Setup

I've been writing on Peerless PRLS here on the blog for years and in the last post on it I called it one of the most compelling net current asset stocks out there. They recently made an acquisition and now have a cash buyout offer for $7.00 a share. I talked on the phone with Peerless PRLS Chairman and CEO Timothy Brog five years ago. He's been very committed and patient in adding shareholder value with this company.

Metals are on trend support. I have a buy stop order in too long JNUG at 21.80.  Crude oil has a setup as well. There is a triangular consolidation on this flag/pennant over the last few days. If crude continues to crash I have a buy stop order at 74 in to short oil with the ultrashort ETF SCO.


October 15, 2014

Natural Gas Setup Emerging

One of the best patterns to trade is a breakout from a tight trading range. Such a fat pitch has been developing in natural gas lately. The channel lines are drawn out in these charts below. Whether it breaks out or breaks down there should be some significant follow through. Right now price is congesting at the bottom of the channel and looks poised to breakdown and plunge lower here. I have a buy stop set at 4.60 a share on DGAZ the 3X inverse natural gas ETF to short natural gas.  There may very well be whipsaw and this could be a fake out or failed signal but with energy getting hammered and a rush to liquidity in markets natural gas looks right to go much lower.

September 24, 2014

What I've Been Doing And Looking At

Greetings from Bull Market USA. The bull market capital of the world. Where low interest rates reign forever! Wheeee! In all seriousness however, I don't think Japan's lost decade has much on our QE. We've done better in my opinion. A few years ago everyone was predicting something along the lines of a Japan post asset bubble collapse stagnation. That is what they had in the 90s. Our true collapse was really in the wake of the tech bubble bursting in the year 2000. Atleast when it comes to the economy and equites. Yes, that was the secular stock market bubble that had been going since the early 80s. So I don't think comparing Japan and the USA was really apples to apples anyway. The other expectation Austrian economists had was serious inflation following QE. There was definitely some inflation as evident commodity prices but the dollar inflation seems gone now. Just look at the gold price. Gold and the dollar are always completely inverse. Gold is still crashing. I'm not sure what is going to happen from here.

History would say that if rates stay low for a long period of time there will be significant inflation ala the 70s inflation. Only Paul Volcker could stop it when he effectively let the market set rates at 20%. Could you imagine that today? So far things are going pretty well with the macro here. Doesn't hurt to be hedged though.

To me a good hedge on low rates is to be long precious metals.  I actually bought some more silver bullion recently around $21 an ounce. I got some Engelhard Silver Rounds on Apmex.com. I've always been pleased with my orders with them and I recommend them. They are one of the top 2 respected online metals dealers. So far I have Silver Eagles and the Engelhards. I'd like to get some gold Krugerrands soon and some Palladium.

I longed some emerging Asian stocks via the Fidelity Emerging Asia (FSEAX) mutual fund in my Roth IRA. I like the Goldman Sachs Emerging Debt Fund (GSDAX) also and have it on my watchlist along with the I-Shares International Real Estate Fund (IFGL). All of these funds have low expense ratios and similar or better performance vs their benchmark index.

High Yield Stocks
I also have some high yield equites on my watchlist. Whether stuff keeps falling or not these look good to me too. The first is my favorite REIT. It's not one of those sketchy adjustable rate mortgage REIT's or anything like that. Those mortgage REITs are going to blow up when rates go up. There's probably a reason they are all yielding 9 to 11%. I like these simple ones.

One like Sun Communities (SUI) which is just mobile homes and RV's that have great cash flow. Sun has increased the dividend consistently and currently is yielding around 5%. Shareholder equity has been growing the past couple years along with revenue and earnings. The chart is a breakout too.

UMH Properties (UMH) is the second REIT. UMH is yielding 7% and has a consistently rising dividend history along with revenue and earnings. This one has a smaller market cap at just $215 million.

Another high yield stock I like is Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). This is a diversified natural gas pipeline company that also sells gasoline and runs retail convenience stores. ETP's current dividend yield is 6%. The PEG ratio (price to earnings growth) is a very nice .69.