November 21, 2023

EV Charging Stocks Short Thesis

I've been looking at a lot of potential sectors and stocks for short opportunities the past few months. I've been trading in and out of EV charging companies put options on stocks like Chargepoint CHPT, Blink BLNK and EVgo EVGO. The big picture on it is the EV market sentiment has readjusted to reality and peak EV hype is down now.

Another major factor is Tesla has a position in the EV charging space with their own charging stations and continue to get more major car manufacturers to sign on. This I believe was a big blow to these much smaller EV charging stocks that I mentioned. I don't see how these companies will compete with Tesla chargers if Tesla decides to try and corner the market. The stock prices continue to fall monthly making equity raises less and less helpful. Evgo EVGO was able to raise some capital recently. The cash burn is significant with them and BLNK. I recently added more BLNK puts and now have put options of various strikes as far out as January 21st.

The cracks are now starting to emerge in the industry as Chargepoint's CHPT CEO and CFO both announced their resignation on the same day as revenue forecast was slashed! Here is an article. Apparently, Chargepoint is "the leader" in this space which is sure something telling.

I got this graph from another account on Twitter that highlights cash burn at Chargepoint and EVgo. The recent overall stock market rally has caused minor rallies in BLNK and EVGO stocks that I see as better prices for long dated puts. There has been a turn in the press and I'm seeing negative press on these chargers. The Wallstreet Journal had an article a week ago on how the stations are not working.


Disclosure: I am long put options in CHPT BLNK EVGO and will continue to add more.