August 21, 2009

Net-Net Emerson Radio MSN In Play

(MSN) Emerson Radio popped 87% on top line growth of 26% year over year. Net income grew 300% year over year.

MSN is a perennial net-net. Pretty unexpected results and price action I'd imagine for a lot of people. There was some profit taking as the stock didn't hold the days highs very well. The amazing thing to me is home appliance sales were behind the boost for revenue growth. Home appliance sales? Isn't there a housing recession? Isn't the consumer almost dead? Huh.

They put up some pretty decent free cash flow the past couple quarters which is good. They have a good balance sheet with $23.6 mil in cash and quick liquidation value or net current asset value is $44 mil. I'd imagine at best the stock trades sideways for weeks or sells off big time here. That's without listening to what management had to say and a scenario where no analysts upgrade. I doubt there are even that many analysts if any though on the stock right now. Maybe something to keep an eye on and possibly, possibly enter on a pullback. Right now I think it is going to have a hard time holding above that gap.