August 10, 2009

My 2009 Net-Net Stocks Performance & Going Forward

I went back through the blog starting with the first day of 2009 and crunched some numbers on my net current asset stocks pick performance. This assumes one bought them the next day after finding them on the blog this year. If it was on the blog in 2009 and less than net current assets I used it. Looking through the 2009 list there are some that I posted on earlier than 2009 like HHGP which is a -20% loser since the initial post pre 2009,TUES +58% gainer and HKN -35% since its December post when it was less than tangible assets however. I think PARL was on the blog in 2007 or 2008 to but I didn't go back that far and a search didn't turn it up. It would be a looser from then. The rest were fresh for 2009.

This might sound a little weird but I think I've said this before. I really had no idea what I was doing with net-nets before around mid-2008. In 2007 when I started following them and most of 2008 I was just feeling them out. From mid 2008 on there are a lot of winners to though of course.

These returns below were calculated with the potential buy-in starting the day after it was on the blog in 2009 because I didn't always post during market hours. These returns assume one bought that next day and sold at the stocks high afterward. The likeliness of selling at the high is not highly likely but had one decided to protect the potential profits and sell on the way up it would have been very possible to have come out with a good chunk of the bulk of those profits. About all of these I calculated about 3 weeks ago so some of them are probably up a lot more since then. SMRT hit 10.50 for example. The ones with technicals next to them were ones that technical analysis had a major role in.

25 winners
4 losers

PIR 1,600% technicals

SMRT 670%

SWIR 285%

TUES 236%

PXG 293% technicals

MSON 178% technicals

VVTV 194%

HHGP 156%

CACH 150%

AERG 100% in 1 day technicals

ANAD 96% technicals

GSIG 77% technicals

NLS 58% technicals

MLR 48%

CALL 45%

PARL 42%

HURC 40%

FSII 40% technicals

LDIS 28% technicals

JOB 26%

AEY 17%

SPAR 20% technicals

IFON 19% technicals

HKN 18%

IVA good run .50 to .70 but I think was to illiquid

NSTR .05%

CDCO -5%

ADGF -19%

RFIL -25%

QLTI -53%

SKX -46% stock crashed after post. Maybe a little to hard on this one because if doubled down off March lows it went to 14 as of now.

I'm going to start tracking the performance of my net current asset stock aka net-net picks better from here out. For it to be a pick I'll do a post on it and say it is a buy at such and such price. I'll also add it to this portfolio here. I'm pretty sure this can be viewed by anyone. I may also add none net-nets from time to time. I'm not liking Tickerspy so far because I haven't figured out how to even sell a position with it. I started a Marketocracy portfolio to which I think I like better but the $1 mil it gives me to manage is a bit much to just show how I can trade these net's.

If you've been paying attention to my net-net posts, for months now I have only been putting a net-net up if it is worthy of an actual buy very soon me. Since 2007 I have put up a lot of net-net's as potentials with my thesis on them but didn't always pound the table on them as a buy that day. I'd usually run through the good I saw and the bad. I was good then but I am even better now.

From here out my skill with stock picking will be a little more on display be it turn out good or bad. Some time in the future I may switch it over to Covestor.com. Covestor actually taps into your broker so with them there is the most complete transparency possible. For now though I feel like posting on them around the same day I trade them will do. I put up FSII ahead of time because that set-up was so good I wanted put out a heads up. I think the bulk of you that read my blog are here for net-net's and value plays. It's not always easy for me to post up an entry for a net-net trade in real-time on the same day so I might just do these watches. I don't keep as close an eye on net-net's and deep value day to day as I do my other watchlists. I trade a lot of different strategies.

I brought up earlier that I want to start charging a yearly or monthly subscription for my net-net picks. If I go that route it will still be months off. You will also have the opportunity to track my progress better before deciding if $5-$8 a month is worth it. As you can see since 2008 it has been going well and I've actually even stepped up my proficiency lately.

I've only been following net-net's since 2007 and have made really big progress since just 2008 in them. I have kind of gotten in a groove on which ones to drill down on with the fundamental analysis and focus on. Incorporating technical analysis as a tool in my various strategies has also been very significant. I am a very different investor and trader with net-net's and approach them differently than most investors who work in them. I believe that has really helped me identify some of the best performers better.

full disclosure: no positions