October 4, 2009

Chinese Agriculture Stocks

I used a new scan and found some pretty good stocks in play. Check out the volume spikes on these. TTNP from an earlier post is still one of my top watches.

Chinese Agriculture Stock YONG
YONG hit the trend line 3 times and this last time somebody really showed their hand. Looks like a long on breakout. Might not retest that trend line anytime soon. There's no resistance on this chart to.

I checked out some of this companies fundamentals. They are...

into the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of fulvic acid based liquid and powder nutrient compounds for plant and animal feed used in the agriculture industry in the People's Republic of China.


You would imagine Chinese agriculture stocks doing pretty well in the future. They grew earnings per share 18% this year and are looking for 46% next year. EPS for next year is 1.00 per share and has just been boosted which is good. So we've only got a PE of 8 and very strong growth coming likely in the years ahead. The longer term PEG ratio is something like .30. Very attractive. The balance sheet is healthy with a current ratio of 3 and total debt to equity is just .47.

The only thing I don't like about this stock is it is already up a ton this year. On the other hand the valuation should still look cheap to a lot of people.

If you look closely at this chart and the next one you can see how usually every time it gaps up it runs. Let's keep an eye out for another gap breakout.
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Media company CMLS. Probably a set-up for a buy on breakout. I missed the two hammers back to back off trend line on flag. This volume spike looks pretty telling somebody will take it over resistance I think.
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Mining stock LVCA. Big volume on breakout. I think the spread will be decent and the chance of follow through on this move looks very good.
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full disclosure:no positions