October 14, 2009

Stock Watches For Earnings

I guess everybody knows this week is a big earnings week. Just to keep the cycle going I'll say how well my last watchlist did like I have been doing and hopefully this amazing streak will continue another day. I mean the streak of me picking four or five stocks and one of them is a top percentage gainer on one of the major exchanges. This has happened atleast three times out of the last seven trading sessions or so. I think the streak is two days back to back even too. ROIAK ran 60% just a couple days after I posted it I think.

Last Sunday I posted up CMLS and it was a top percentage gainer on Monday. I Forgot the run? I think it was 30%. YONG was nice to. On Wednesday I posted on MMG and it ran 60% Thursday. On Thursday night I posted the set-up on Sunrise Senior Living SRZ and it ran 44% on Friday. The combined gain of Fridays watches was 69%. I don't think I mentioned it in a post but RAME a stock I put on my Twitter popped big double digits a day or two after I posted it a week back or so. I think there are others but anyway here are my top watches for Monday.

EDIT: LEE 18% on day. CMTP 18% on day


lower priority but still high watches

full disclosure:no positions at time of writing