September 26, 2009

Net-Net LDIS Is Liquidating

I just wanted to do an update on LDIS. In this press release they say they want to get a liquidation from between $.93 to 1.20 per share. This is right on the back of a Nasdaq deficiency notice for a low share price and it requires that the share price must now trade at $1.00 in the next 180 days or it could be delisted. I first noticed LDIS when it was at $.73 back in July. I can't seem to find a net-net I like that doesn't do well lately. Even net cash stock ACTS from awhile back has performed well. As of right now I'm not going to buy LDIS.

I sold INHX at $1.21 today from a $1.20 buy because I got a bad feeling about this action the past several days. They got some media? coverage I guess on a Seeking alpha article and a $2 target by Zacks. The thing I didn't like about that was it did boost the price into that breakout I was looking for but it looked like a bull trap and nasty shooting star to me plus I've got some back to back winners and taking a commission scratch on this one will probably be some good risk management that I need. It is still looking strong but I'd just rather buy the next big break if it comes.

full disclosure: no positions