September 22, 2009

Trading Update

I sold ABK at 1.90 because it popped huge just like I expected. My cost basis on ABK was 1.67 so I did about 13% on it. I'm up some in KEME and INHX I'm about breakeven. INHX if you've been following me has been great if you could have gotten some off the 1.08ish bounce that I was looking for. I messed up the order and got a 1.20 buy fill the other day for INHX.

INHX and KEME are ascending triangles. INHX is a drug stock so I am not the most confident there will be a nice pop but it is looking good so far. I could have sold at 1.30ish but I'm swinging these until the price action occurs at the tip of the triangle or I stop out. So far I'm really happy with the success of this consolidation pattern(triangles), especially recently. I think from now on in up-trending overall markets this will be a great swing trading strategy for me. The stop loss is easy to place and the volatility off of the consolidation pattern produces nice runs like an NCT for example.

DITC is a value stock right above net current asset value I am liking the price action of right now.

full disclosure: long INHX and KEME